Chicken in a can - ICTAI

Have you seen this being advertised?

I have seen the cans at the supermarket and it just seems wrong. I do eat canned tuna but the canned poultry thing doesn't seem right.

Will you eat this?
I don't even think I could bring myself to try it!

Check it out here


Robyn said...

Hahaha I'm so trying that, if only for a laugh....I don't think it will be very nice though!

I have seen even grosser chicken in a can though....from an American blog, a WHOLE roast chicken which you boiled in a saucepan in the can.....it was gross.

Kimberley said...

Let me know how it tastes then!! I saw the ad for it this morning - little tins that have chicken legs, cute but not enough to suck me in!