35 - Day 6 - Groceries and Real Estate

The Little Man and I headed out to get groceries this morning. Here he is wearing his first 000 outfit - shorts care of cousin Georgie. I will need to retire some of his NB and 0000 clothes as they are too tight.

We walk past this house a few times a week depending on the route we take in our afternoon/morning walks. The house is ugly! They have a great view over the ocean and to Magnetic Island and they build this - FAIL!

The next 2 pictures we came across when looking at Cairns real estate - honestly how can you not love it??

Every time I drive past this house I get goose bumps. Its perched on the side of Castle Hill, I am not sure how much of the house is actually built on land but there is no way I could live there!

Why are my black and white pictures down the side not even, some look like they have been cut off...why?!?

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow - that house perched on the hillside is insane! I would not live there either!!!!!