Taking a Break

Hi -
I am taking a bit of a break from blogging. My back is playing up so I am having a bit of a rest from the computer.


62 - Happy 18 Years

Its our wedding anniversary today.

Aidan and I are in TSV and J is in Bris.

We have been together for a while but married for 2 <--feels like a long time so we say 18 years.

We got married at sunrise on the beach at Palm Cove.

So when we eventually move to Cairns we will be able to go back to the same spot and celebrate.


61 - Curled Toes

I have a foot phobia.

I hate looking at feet, I hate people looking at my feet, I hate dirty feet, I hate my feet being touched.

Have I passed this on to Aidan?

The little humbug curls his toes when I put socks on him.
Its cute but very frustrating!

60 - A little bit of sickly sweet

I need to have at least one of these when they hit the shops each year.

I don't think I ate them when I was a child but now I just can't help myself.


59 - Real Estate

More Cairns real estate.

These photos are from one house.
I don't even know where to begin.
Perhaps in the last pic with the glass sliding door into the ensuite?


58 - Sunday Walkies

How cute are my boys?

The stripey pants that Aidan has on were retired without being worn but it was cool on Sunday morning so out they came.


57 - I am awesome

Even if I do say so myself.

Here I was 2 years ago.

And here I am today.


56 - Garden

We have been at our house for 2 years now which is hard to believe.

J has done a lot of work on the garden with many trips to Bunnings. I think J gets quite antsy when I go with him so he flies solo on these outings.

This photo was taken before we moved in.

I took the following photos this morning....what a change!

J also painted the side fences and has left our 'mark' for when we move.

I will do the backyard update soon.

55 - Eye Bath

My poor eye!

I was cleaning the fans and got dust in my eye and no matter what it would not come out.
I went to the chemist and got an eye bath and some saline to flush through it.
I hate anything to do with eyes so this was not a pleasant experience.


54 - Mr Independant

J feeds the little man an expressed bottle each morning.
Apparently he can do it on his own now.


53 - What the animals have instore for them.....

I received an email today with pictures of dogs in various costumes.
Perhaps I have even dressed up our animals.
I imagine Aidan will be able to blame me if this were to happen when he is a little older.....

This picture was included in the email, I have seen it before but it always makes me smile!


52 - Thank you Aunty Chris!

Again...so soon?

Thankfully I love opening mail and he needs me to do this for him.

These bonds panties (yes thats what WE call them, even his nappies get called panties - poor baby) are the best!

They are perfect for the hot climate but are so hard to find!

I am not a fan of just a nappy when out so they are excellent 'panties' :)


51 - Aidan gets mail

Aidan got his first letter in the mail today!
His hospital certificate.

I was happy my name was before J's (who did all the hard work?) - yes its always a competition!