56 - Garden

We have been at our house for 2 years now which is hard to believe.

J has done a lot of work on the garden with many trips to Bunnings. I think J gets quite antsy when I go with him so he flies solo on these outings.

This photo was taken before we moved in.

I took the following photos this morning....what a change!

J also painted the side fences and has left our 'mark' for when we move.

I will do the backyard update soon.


WayneandFarrah said...

Wow love the look of your house and garden, can't believe how much the garden changed!

Elise said...

wow thats so much growth in 2 years - looks great! your moving though right?

Kimberley said...

Farrah - I know, its crazy, it seems to take forever to change but when you see a before photo...wow :)

Elise - yup we are moving which is such a shame :(

Carly Findlay said...

You have a really nice house.

When you moving?

Kimberley said...

Thanks Carly :) Yup we are moving to Cairns in a few months, will be sad to leave our house!

Raquel said...

Nice one, J!!! Can't wait to see the back yard. Know what you mean about seeing the difference, was looking at mine on the weekend and thinking 'wow'.