Water and Sand

Since the weather has started to warm up I have wanted to get out of the house and have some water play with Aidan.
However with the weeks of sickness we had to put it off until now.

It was such a beautiful day today so we headed outside for some fun!

What better way to start then with a biscuit:

And out come the masses!



Let the fun begin:

Aidan's play thingie has a connection for the hose so it sprays water.

Not sure what to make of this:
I am sure I can eat this:

This is my favourite photo from the afternoon:

Later in the afternoon we went to the beach.

This was Aidan's first time on the sand.

Next time we will go a bit earlier and he can have a real play.

I love this photo also:



I haven't posted much on the back garden so its about time.

This is the back fence.
When we moved in there was nothing here, the grass went straight to the fence.

The next three photos are of the back corner.
Again there was nothing here, only the garden boarder and bark.
I can't find any before photos.
This in one of my favourite parts of the garden by far!


For Marto - xox.


Tough Crowd

With all the sickness that we have experienced over the last few weeks Aidan has become a 'tough crowd'
His new nickname is TC.
In order to get a few minutes here and there we have discovered a mixing bowl and a door that opens and shuts will keep him from wanting cuddles for all of about 10 minutes!


Ready to assemble

Its been a crazy few weeks with pharyngitis and bronchitis.
Poor bubba!
Despite the sicknesses he has started to crawl and soon will want to start pulling himself up.
So to get him ready for that we got him this:

The trusty foremen ready to assist:



Thanks Dad!:

Getting into the groove

I have done a bit more scrap booking and I'm am a bit happier with these, so slowly getting there.


I will never be Miner Martin!!

Justin is home and enjoying the simple pleasures of:

A flushing toilet.
A bed that is bigger then him.
A shower with 4 walls and a roof.

This was his home for the first night:

Then he stepped it up a notch:

Donga living:

I do not know how he managed to sleep/live here for a few weeks. The bed looks oh so spacious and inviting!