Sunday we had breakfast at Riverway which is similar to Southbank with a bit of New Farm Park thrown in and an AFL stadium.


This is of the main pool and to the left is the restaurant where we ate:

Another pool:

Petal and I just before doing some laps:

Over looking the river:


Saturday was spent at the movies, eating, having coffee, and posing.

An empty theatre makes for a good photo opportunity:

The tourist who took this photo didn't really want us to be the main feature. At the strand with a view to Maggie Island:

Mixing with the locals:


Dinner - Steamed dim sims, szechuan chicken and salt and pepper calamari (not a good photo but so tastey!!)


After a walk to the beach and dying my hair Petal and I set off to Harvey's Range to have brunch at the Tea Rooms. Mind you I had no idea where we were really going or the name of this place, just that it was on the range and they serve $50 cups of coffee (no we did not have this!). Petal was a little concerned as I didn't check the map prior to leaving, this is Townsville - we don't do that!!

Finally we made it...

Considering its name I wont comment on the tea which was served, lets just say it was of the 'Select' range. However the building itself is what made the trek worth it. Its the oldest known building in North Queensland and was once a watering hole and overnight accommodation for those en route to the gold fields.

On our way home we discovered we had actually left Townsville as we were welcomed by this sign....

And view...




And welcome to a new age bracket Marto the Marathon Runner!!!



Its been a while.

A lot has happened.

Someone entered a new age bracket.

Petal visited TSV and LIKED it!! OMG.

A marathon was run.

A rat was caught.

New trainers were purchased.

Meow now has a snuggly bed.

I am sure there is more, keep watch.