50 - Tummy time

The Little Man is getting a lot stronger!

He can now push up when he is on his tummy and can hold himself in position for quite a while.

I love the little rolls on his arms in this photo!


49 - Fruit Salad - Yummy Yummy

My new favourite CD!

When Aidan has day sleeps we listen to Christmas carols and I am done with them!

J bought some CDs for him on ebay and they arrived this week.
The Wiggles are so much fun!
The songs are catchy and good for dancing.
Aidan likes a bit of heavy rocking and patting when going to sleep so this works a treat!


48 - New bed covers

The dogs love their beds but they are due for new covers.

To an extent they like sleeping on the old ones in the 'hole' but it is time to replace them.

Aka will wear out both beds but Starzy would rather sleep on a wooden chair then go on his bed.

Little humbug!


47 - Not so red velvet

This morning I made some cupcakes FF style.
They are supposed to be red velvet but I wasn't sure how much red colouring to add - I guess I will know to use more next time.
No picture of the icing as it is a little lumpy - most of my kitchen is packed ready for the move so I make do.
I used a cream cheese icing...Yum!


46 - Sitting up

I took this video after feeding the Little Man. I wanted to capture him when he is 'milk drunk' but he wasn't having any of that this morning.

Over the past week he has been trying to sit up..more of a force his body forward - he tends to do this when he is strapped into the pram or car seat but this morning it came out of nowhere.

He is lying in my lap on a pillow so he isn't completely flat on his back and he is holding himself up for a good amount of time so I am still proud :)

P.S Chubby cheeks anyone?

45 - Daily Breakfast

This entry is inspired by Elise and her recent breakfast post.

This is my daily breakfast. I had this when I was in hospital and I still have it now. Mind you, in hospital I also had a little bread roll smothered in crunchy peanut butter afterwards.

I actually enjoyed the hospital food...I must be the only person to admit this! But it was nice and also knowing that after you eat someone will come and collect the dishes is a plus.

And it was fun filling out the menu card each day also. <-- I think J enjoyed this more then me!

I am sure I will get sick of this soon enough and move onto one of my old faithfuls.

44 - Crawler

Crawler already?
Our 'new born' nappies are running out and given that he was over 5kgs when he was last weighed we thought no more new born nappies for him.
But crawler?
Where has my baby gone!!


43 - To market to market

We went to the markets today.
We didn't buy anything aside from a coconut drink thingy for J - he loves these things. I forgot the camera so will have to get a pic of him next time.

After the markets we went and got a coffee...talk about an animal farm at McDonalds....yes I like McCafe coffee. Kids going crazy and just being disgusting in general.

Here we are before we headed out.

And the Little Man...note the shoes - his third pair!
They are very cute and the photo doesn't show but on the white stripe down the front is silver stars.
One more pair to go.


42 - Saturday Dinner

I made my first creamy pasta and it was a success!
Another recipe care of Josie.
Yes i sprinkled on a lot of parmesan but it was one of the cheeses I couldn't have when I was pregnant.


41 - Shoes 2.0

Here is the Little Man rocking another pair of shoes!

Showing off the super cool soles!

When we're at home he only wears a nappy and singlet, its too hot for anything else so it is nice to put clothes on him. They make him look at lot bigger to!

Here he is sporting a Bonds T (this is actually part of a pyjama set), a pair of shorts from cousin G and shoes from Gran.

There are so many cute baby clothes out there but some can be so expensive - this outfit is a combo of Big W, Best and Less and hand me downs.

40 - Rain Rain Rain

It rained most of Thursday. When I watched the news it said that the highway was blocked off 25kms south of Townsville because of flood water. Because I am on maternity leave and J works from home we live in our own bubble most of the time and see the rain and think big deal and dont really know the extent of things....I should read the newspaper I think.

This photo is looking out from our lounge room.


Chicken in a can - ICTAI

Have you seen this being advertised?

I have seen the cans at the supermarket and it just seems wrong. I do eat canned tuna but the canned poultry thing doesn't seem right.

Will you eat this?
I don't even think I could bring myself to try it!

Check it out here

39 - Wednesday Coffee

Decaff that is!

On Wednesday's I head out with the Little Man for a few hours. I grab a magazine or take my lap top and enjoy guilt free air con.

He has a big feed before we go and will usually fall asleep in the car. Once we arrive at our destination I transfer him to the Baby Bjorn. He will stir a little but goes back to sleep pretty much straight away or I will go for a quick walk which does the trick.

After coffee we went for a walk to the Strand, not the best day but I am drawn to this place. I like the view and being near the water is calming.

He is in such a deep sleep he didn't wake when it was time to go home.

And still sleeping when we get home.


38 - 9 Weeks

The Little Man is 9 weeks today - how time flies!
[when your tired]

This is one of the few pictures we have of him wearing a 'hat'. Clearly he wasn't a fan, but he was so tiny back then.

One of his tiny tiny suits, was he really that small?
Look at those chubba cheeks.

This is just before Aidan's first outing with shoes on. Dunlop Volleys care of uncle Phil (Phil who has worn Volleys for as long as anyone can remember!)
Quote from Phil" "remember a pair of volleys is a pair of shoes for life!!!!"

And another Awwwwwwwwww!

So what has changed in 9 weeks??

*He is a lot more alert, when the little peepers are open, they are OPEN!
*His eyes are starting to change shape and are becoming a lot more rounded.
*TMI but his no 2's are turning into explosive no 3's
*He has better sleep patterns and is moving into the cot for day time sleeps. We like this. However the CD that we use for day time sleeps is becoming very old very quickly! Its Christmas Carols...it does the trick tho!
*Every now and then his cry has a super high pitch squeal - not cool.
*He loves his baths
*When feeding his arm has gone from a clenched fist that you couldn't open to a windscreen wiper that goes over my chest, very funny!
*Still getting used to the pram


37 - The Man Child

I picked J up from the airport last night and we intended to have takeaway down by the strand for dinner. Someone else wasn't too keen on that idea, the Little Man only had one sleep so had his cranky pants on so we came home instead. Next time.

Here is J in his getup for a dinner he had while away...spunky. I only just noticed the painting on the wall.

Over the weekend I was looking through our photos and came across this one and thought it was worth posting. One of our many hospital trips. When he phoned to tell me about coming off the bike he assured me he was ok because there was no blood. Uh huh.

What I learnt while J was away

*Anything can be done one handed.
*Getting sprayed with pee when changing nappies really is an experience - normally J is the one to cop the spray! The funniest thing is I notice Aidan smiling before I see and feel the wee...humbug!
*I am sure I paced at least a marathon
*How to be more organised. I always thought I was but this week proved my skills needed brushing up when its just me
*I can still shower and wash my hair and feel human
*Its ok to let the Little Man cry, even if it does break my heart
*The animals still got their fair share of attention - I only nearly forgot to feed Pari once
*I can still cook and bake
*Getting out of the house is important, really important.
*I was awesome when we got our needles, Aidan was too I suppose.
*The biggest thing, I like driving again, thanks Suby. Its been nearly 2 years since the accident so to be to get in the car and enjoy the drive.....nice.


36 - Valentines and Birthdays!

Valentines Day is when we celebrate Aka and Pari's Birthdays. We don't know their exact date of births but Pari was a Valentines present and we got Aka in April so counting back the weeks he would have been born in February. Aka is 6 and Pari is 5 - I can't talk about it! It doesn't feel like we have had them that long. J says that Pari will be our only cat but we think out of spite he will live forever!


J comes home tonight so I made him some brownies. The recipe is from our friend Josie. They aren't as good as yours Josie but I have to start somewhere!


35 - Day 6 - Groceries and Real Estate

The Little Man and I headed out to get groceries this morning. Here he is wearing his first 000 outfit - shorts care of cousin Georgie. I will need to retire some of his NB and 0000 clothes as they are too tight.

We walk past this house a few times a week depending on the route we take in our afternoon/morning walks. The house is ugly! They have a great view over the ocean and to Magnetic Island and they build this - FAIL!

The next 2 pictures we came across when looking at Cairns real estate - honestly how can you not love it??

Every time I drive past this house I get goose bumps. Its perched on the side of Castle Hill, I am not sure how much of the house is actually built on land but there is no way I could live there!

Why are my black and white pictures down the side not even, some look like they have been cut off...why?!?

34 - Day 5 - Getting close!

The Little Man had his cranky pants on today, no doubt the end of feeling his needles. He was so tired but didn't have a morning sleep and I was getting cranky to say the least. We needed to get out of the house and I needed something to cheer me up.

Every time J goes away I always say this will be the time that I will get my mint ice cream, he is not a fan. Today seemed like the day, yum yum yum. Given that I am hoping to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight lets see how I go on mint choc ice cream rations...


The Box

I am the first to admit it, I have become a bit of a TV junkie these days and was excited for the new shows to start. Pre baby I went to bed early and we didn't have a recorder so I missed out on a lot. We now have a recorder and can tape two shows at once....oh my! Some of my favourite shows are NCIS, Green Homes, Grand Designs, Law and Order, Scrubs, Family Guy and of course reality TV!

I was looking forward to Cougar Town when I first heard about it, but Channel 7 plugged it like there was no tomorrow and to be honest I really didn't think much of it. I will give it one more shot and then decide.

The Good Wife...this was worth the wait, I really enjoyed the first episode and can't wait for the next. Mr Big didn't have such a big part in this ep and he didn't come across as Mr Big which I was worried about.

My Kitchen Rules, not a fan but I will keep watching it, I love a food show and Manu - ahh the accent, the other chef, Pete - where is your personality?

The Biggest Loser, a love hate relationship but how good is it that AJ is not the host, I guess it really was time to cut the fat! I think Haley is doing a good job.

And every now and then you may find me watching a childhood favourite on 72, Full House.


33 - Day 4 - Half Way!

I was worried that we were going to have a bad sleep last night as a result of the needles but the Little Man did well. He was fighting sleep after the 2am feed, lots of kicking and pulling ears during the feed but eventually gave in with no tears so we had a good night.

As a result we were up early and the only thing to do was bake. Blueberry and cream cheese muffins.

I use a basic recipe of wholemeal SR flour, rolled oats, eggs and natural yoghurt. I then add in different ingredients, spices and flavours depending on what I feel like.

Someone fell asleep before we could sample the finished product..awww...

After lunch we went to K-Mart to for a few bits and pieces. They had some baby clothes on sale and for $25 picked up 3 shirts, a pair of shorts, a shirt/short set and a pj set. I got them in size 0 and 00. My favourite is the pj set, so cute.

As he is starting to grab at things I got some toys to clip onto his car seats.

32 - Bath time

We are starting to enjoy our baths a lot more! Smiles beforehand and lots of kicking and less screaming the house down. Last nights bath really helped settle him down after his needles.

He is now 59cm so it wont be long before he outgrows his little bath.


31 - Day 3 - Needles

Washing, vacuuming, mopping, folding and cleaning all done before 5:30am....super organised or dead tired??

Aidan had his 8 week needles done today, I also had a whooping cough needle. I went first, he cried for me...awwwww. He was a trooper for his 2 needles, screamed and went red but he calmed down really quickly so that was good. I wonder why he got the character band aids and I didn't ?? He passed out when we got home.

Here he is playing in his cot at 3am. So the answer to the above is dead tired.

30 Day 2 - Supermum!

I felt like superwoman today! First of all we headed out to Target. I think Target is on the list of 'to do's' for new Mum's - its up there with Medicare. Then it was to the Chemist to get some infant Penadol, best to have some just in case. Then it was grocery shopping...ahhh.

Aidan was still asleep after all that so I made a stir fry with my favourite noodles:

The little man was still sleeping so I thought I should have some Pari time. Since Aidan came along Pari isn't allowed in the house during the day. He felt pretty special and fell asleep on my hand, not bad for a cat that needs no one. Then he remembered there is a pantry that has treats....

I had time to flip through a magazine and came across this, made me laugh given that I express and also that at my work there were signs up on the fridge asking people to not touch milk that doesn't belong to them!

This shows why J is that man behind our couple shots....good work Mummy!

I also managed to walk the dog and wash and dry my hair...what a day....!