44 - Crawler

Crawler already?
Our 'new born' nappies are running out and given that he was over 5kgs when he was last weighed we thought no more new born nappies for him.
But crawler?
Where has my baby gone!!


Ms Curious said...

Hehe Nathan is still wearing Crawler nappies because his waist is super skinny (total opposite of his big tummy!) but I think he is going to move to the Walker ones soon.

Kimberley said...

Well we opened the packet of nappies last night and they are huge!! New borns still fit but he is outgrowing them and these just seem miles too big!
I wonder if this will be the same for you with the walker ones?

Ms Curious said...

There is a size between newborn and crawler - infant. Looks like they have started selling jumbo boxes of those.