The Box

I am the first to admit it, I have become a bit of a TV junkie these days and was excited for the new shows to start. Pre baby I went to bed early and we didn't have a recorder so I missed out on a lot. We now have a recorder and can tape two shows at once....oh my! Some of my favourite shows are NCIS, Green Homes, Grand Designs, Law and Order, Scrubs, Family Guy and of course reality TV!

I was looking forward to Cougar Town when I first heard about it, but Channel 7 plugged it like there was no tomorrow and to be honest I really didn't think much of it. I will give it one more shot and then decide.

The Good Wife...this was worth the wait, I really enjoyed the first episode and can't wait for the next. Mr Big didn't have such a big part in this ep and he didn't come across as Mr Big which I was worried about.

My Kitchen Rules, not a fan but I will keep watching it, I love a food show and Manu - ahh the accent, the other chef, Pete - where is your personality?

The Biggest Loser, a love hate relationship but how good is it that AJ is not the host, I guess it really was time to cut the fat! I think Haley is doing a good job.

And every now and then you may find me watching a childhood favourite on 72, Full House.

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