33 - Day 4 - Half Way!

I was worried that we were going to have a bad sleep last night as a result of the needles but the Little Man did well. He was fighting sleep after the 2am feed, lots of kicking and pulling ears during the feed but eventually gave in with no tears so we had a good night.

As a result we were up early and the only thing to do was bake. Blueberry and cream cheese muffins.

I use a basic recipe of wholemeal SR flour, rolled oats, eggs and natural yoghurt. I then add in different ingredients, spices and flavours depending on what I feel like.

Someone fell asleep before we could sample the finished product..awww...

After lunch we went to K-Mart to for a few bits and pieces. They had some baby clothes on sale and for $25 picked up 3 shirts, a pair of shorts, a shirt/short set and a pj set. I got them in size 0 and 00. My favourite is the pj set, so cute.

As he is starting to grab at things I got some toys to clip onto his car seats.

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