Christmas Movies - Do you love them?

Aidan was born December 16 and I was in hospital for a week.

A weeks worth of indulging in day time TV - cheesy Christmas movies...bliss.

Now that Aidan is here.....things can only get better come Christmas time!

And Christmas has begun in the form of ....

Handy Manny -
A very Handy Holiday!

Thanks to Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Porter Novelli and Aussie Mummy Bloggers we were able to indulge...
in October!!

Aidan is probably a little too young for this, however he had an upset tummy and all he wanted was Mummy cuddles so it was the perfect time to watch and it kept his attention.

Clearly it rates as its about Christmas but is also promotes team work...and talking tools? Too cute!!

The DVD will be available November 3rd!

I have a copy of Disney Christmas Favourites to
give away

Leave a comment and tell me what your favourite Christmas movie is and it could be yours!
Dont forget to leave your email address so I can contact you if your the winner :)

Cooking frenzy!

I cooked!

When J is away I cook for Aidan and that is as far as I go.
Cheese and vegemite sandwiches are perfectly acceptable for dinner for a hard working mother ;)
This weekend I made a chocolate cake....ohh the oooozing icing!
Followed by a baked risotto.

The risotto ingredients just looked so fresh and has made me want to have better dinners when J is away.

Usually I do not 'do' Creamed Corn....however J loves it and this recipe is supposed to be a hit with the kids....the sacrifices I make for my boys!
J, are you reading this?

4tbs butter (I used one)
100g diced bacon
1/2c chopped shallots
2 cloves of garlic - crushed
1c arborio rice
500g chicken thigh fillets, trimmed and coarsely chopped (I used breast)
1/2c red capsicum - diced
2c hot chicken stock
400g creamed corn (ICTAI)
1/2c grated parmesan

Preheat over - 200degrees
Place butter, bacon, shallots, garlic, rice, chicken, capsicum and in larger casserole dish and stir
Cover and bake for 20 minutes
Remove from over and stir in corn
Cover and bake for another 20 minutes
Stir in cheese.

Aidan goes Cloth!

Cloth Nappies?

Well I never!

We are giving them a try on a part time basis and if I like then we will switch full time.

These fancy cloth nappies, its a whole new world.

We got 2 different ones to try, he looks pretty smart I must say.

I needed to wash them a few times before we could use them so I was pretty excited when we could put them on....and well wouldn't you know....5 minutes into the first one and hello no2. So we only got to see a swirly little butt for a short time!


Splish Splash

Today we went for a swim, Aidan's first.

Coffee, banana bread and milk first, under the shade of the massive trees at Riverway.

Aidan was not impressed with his hat. But he did really well and kept it on.
No hat no swim!

Getting used to the water with Daddy.

This swimming business is hard work - ready for a snooze.

And just a random photo for this post.
This is in our front garden, there were 4 frogs but one jumped away just before J took the photo.


Reef HQ

Gran is in town so we went out to the aquarium.

I was a little disappointed in there not being too many displays that were more eye catching to the littlies.
I know Aidan is still a bit young for this...but still!! And the interactive area for kids...hmm not so hot.
It was still nice to take him out and we had a good time looking at the fish and coral.

Aidan Vs. Turtle.

Photo of the day:)



With what seems like the weeks of sickness Aidan lost his squeal.
Its back.
In a BIG way.
Listen to this, then imagine it with a crying and cranky teething baby.
In Coles!


Dorothy the Dinosaur - Romp-Bomp-A-Chomp!

If I didn't listen to ABC radio we would have missed out!!!

Getting his wiggle on!

The show was at Riverway. We have never been to the performance centre, so it was nice to see what that was like.
This is the main pool and our view as we lined up.

Aidan was clearly a little unsure about what was going on!

The star herself!


Dorothy and the fairies

I really wished I could have taken some better photos of him during the performance.
He was in awe and a bit stunned.
We were in the second row so he could see everything clearly.

Just a little something to get through the rest of the show!

Go Captain Feather Sword!

Henry and John the Cook.

Happy Boy!

He was such a trooper!
We were in our seats at about 12:15pm ready for a 12:30pm start. I thought they would start on time given its a kids performance.
9 minutes late...not huge but for a lot of kids in one place thats a LONG time.
He had a great time and watched the entire show, no tears or crankyness which I was very impressed with as he has just cut a new tooth.
Go Bubba Boy!! xx.

Yes Daddy, we had to buy something ;)


Pari Proof

Pari snuck in the laundry door as I was bringing the clothes in only to be faced with this:

It took him about 5 attempts of trying to squeeze through to realise that it wasn't going to work and that the only way was to go over.


Wakey Wakey!

Its no secret.
Aidan asleep in the cot during the day....ha!
When pigs fly.

Well times are changing.

Today we have had both day sleeps in the cot and I am just a little bit happy about this!
OK...A LOT happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was so exhausted this afternoon that he slept and slept and slept.

At 4:30 it was time to wake him up.

Never under estimate the power of the wrap either.
He seems to have a better afternoon sleep when wrapped. Its been a long time since we have wrapped him but when he was sick it helped calm him down so I am sticking with it.

And he went to bed at 8pm and slept through till 5:30am!


Hand, Foot and Mouth

The last few days have been horrible!

Saturday afternoon Aidan started to get a temperature and then on Sunday we woke to this:




Over the next 48 hours it became whole body disease!

He also had a lot of blisters on his tongue and in his mouth, my poor bubba!

He is finally on the mend and slept last night...just in time for Justin's return home. It has been a long three weeks this time!