Christmas Movies - Do you love them?

Aidan was born December 16 and I was in hospital for a week.

A weeks worth of indulging in day time TV - cheesy Christmas movies...bliss.

Now that Aidan is here.....things can only get better come Christmas time!

And Christmas has begun in the form of ....

Handy Manny -
A very Handy Holiday!

Thanks to Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Porter Novelli and Aussie Mummy Bloggers we were able to indulge...
in October!!

Aidan is probably a little too young for this, however he had an upset tummy and all he wanted was Mummy cuddles so it was the perfect time to watch and it kept his attention.

Clearly it rates as its about Christmas but is also promotes team work...and talking tools? Too cute!!

The DVD will be available November 3rd!

I have a copy of Disney Christmas Favourites to
give away

Leave a comment and tell me what your favourite Christmas movie is and it could be yours!
Dont forget to leave your email address so I can contact you if your the winner :)


Anonymous said...

The Santa Clause with tim allen. The elves and the reindeers are so cute and it reminds everyone what christmas is all about. "Family"

By Bronwyn Packham

Raquel said...

Does Bad Santa count? :)