Starzy got a hair cut


After: ( I know, YCTTM when I do things like this....)

The three of them....


New Title Box - Where?

The first time I had to tick the 'Mrs' box, how can this not be worthy of a post ??



On Saturday we went for a walk out onto the breakwater wall to look at the view towards the Strand and Castle Hill. This is where the boats to Magnetic Island leave from. Then back for a coffee....


Spetta Pie

MC requested my spinach and fetta pie recipe and given the fact that I haven't posted food photos for a while ...here we are. Oh and this was stolen from my sister. I have adapted it to suit the lazy cook.

I use:
8 eggs
300g reduced fat fetta
2 sheets puff pasty
finely chopped spinach (too lazy to use fresh)

Thaw out the spinach and remove excess water
Finely chop the fetta
Whisk the eggs

Combine whisked eggs, fetta and spinach.

When I first started making this I would roll out the pastry...that became way too messy and the flour was a bugger to clean up. So I now hold up the pastry in one hand and sort of 'stretch ' it out so that it covers the dish.

Once this is done pour in the combined ingredients.


I usually put it in the over for around 40 minutes on 180-200 or until I think it looks good.

And dont forget to put my initials in pastry on top if you make this...and they are KM :)


Saunders Beach

Saunders Beach is about 10 minutes north of us by car. A very small beach shack suburb.

I'm a little more sun smart these days. The sun stings and I tend to burn so quickly!

A True Townsvillian...

Just your typical Sunday afternoon watering the lawn and boozing.


City in a garden

We spent the weekend in Cairns, also known as City in a garden. Whatever.

We had a great view from the hotel room:

J being weird in the hotel gardens:

We spent Saturday afternoon walking along the esplanade, and deciding on which boat to purchase - this one is the winner:

The rest of the afternoon we walked around the markets (doesn't really seem to matter where you go these days the markets all have the same crap errr products). It was also the Cairns festival so they had a stage set up with live music which was nice, until the heavy metal band hit the stage!

Sunday we we enjoyed a buffet breakfast (YUM!) and then to my delight one of my all time favorite shows was on:

Cairns trends are very different to anywhere else - in the first few hours of being there we saw lots of moe hawks , girls wearing cowboy boots and scarfs (hello people its the tropics!!). Interesting.

Happy Birthday to ME! (for August)

I went to Brisbane and then got sick. Public transport....ICTAI. Too many people and too many cars on the road for this country girl!

I am now addicted to Nintendo DS, specifically games that will improve my brain age , currently I have the brain of a museum curator ??.

Meni hanging out at the beach...


Happy Birthday Miss Starz-arella!

The little girl turned 12 on 12 08 2008. Its a tough life being Star....

Marathon Man strikes again...

Townsville running festival 3 August 2008.

It was great for me to be able to actually watch this time....and drink coffee while waiting :)

There were a lot of interesting running outfits, 2 which stand out was the guy in long white skins and the woman in a denim skirt....umm did you not realise you were RUNNING today?




Sunday we had breakfast at Riverway which is similar to Southbank with a bit of New Farm Park thrown in and an AFL stadium.


This is of the main pool and to the left is the restaurant where we ate:

Another pool:

Petal and I just before doing some laps:

Over looking the river:


Saturday was spent at the movies, eating, having coffee, and posing.

An empty theatre makes for a good photo opportunity:

The tourist who took this photo didn't really want us to be the main feature. At the strand with a view to Maggie Island:

Mixing with the locals:


Dinner - Steamed dim sims, szechuan chicken and salt and pepper calamari (not a good photo but so tastey!!)


After a walk to the beach and dying my hair Petal and I set off to Harvey's Range to have brunch at the Tea Rooms. Mind you I had no idea where we were really going or the name of this place, just that it was on the range and they serve $50 cups of coffee (no we did not have this!). Petal was a little concerned as I didn't check the map prior to leaving, this is Townsville - we don't do that!!

Finally we made it...

Considering its name I wont comment on the tea which was served, lets just say it was of the 'Select' range. However the building itself is what made the trek worth it. Its the oldest known building in North Queensland and was once a watering hole and overnight accommodation for those en route to the gold fields.

On our way home we discovered we had actually left Townsville as we were welcomed by this sign....

And view...




And welcome to a new age bracket Marto the Marathon Runner!!!