Saturday night in TSV

So Saturday night we decided to hit the town....umm what Town?

The Drag Races - the hip and happening thing to do in Townsville.

We decided it was probably not a good idea to take my car as it might not come home with my number plates. After a few wardrobe changes (we wanted to blend in and my pink shirt was too pink and Justin's shirt just wasn't right - note to everyone - NRL, Car or alcohol shirts are OK). I had read on the website that the spectator price was $10. When we get there we learn it was actually $25 at it was a street meet and they had over 90 racers.....woah, we are going to be in for a great night! We talked ourselves in for $15 each as we had no other money.

Justin enjoyed watching the motorbikes and well I just enjoyed the people watching.....a different breed they are hey?

Merge People!

I do not think I suffer from road rage, however TSV drivers do not know how to merge and its frustrating me like there is no tomorrow. When 2 lanes go into one, you leave room so people can get over....but they don't, they will wait till the very last minute and then if there is no room (if they don't take up my offer to get over then too bad, they miss out) they will stop...umm MERGE!!!

There is one particular entry onto the highway and for some reason every single driver will not enter onto the highway until both lanes a free? I don't get it!


We don't live in Townsville

I just wanted to clear something up, we don't really live in Townsville. We live in Thuringowa. Prior to moving to FNQ (far north Queensland) I always thought Thuringowa was about a three hour drive from Townsville. Not so. And it not part of Townsville either. We have different rates, local laws, history and identity to Townsvile, who would have thought? However we re known as the 'Twin Cities'. For some reason that annoys me!

This is our Council logo: