Show Day BBQ

We took the dogs out for a breakfast BBQ to a new development near us...there are only a few homes that are occupied so no need for the dog leads. They had fun, we ate lots and played back gammon.

Dogs not cooperating for the photo:

The face of the person who didn't win backgammon:



Uncle Phil Rocks!!

Earlier this year Roma had their first traffic light installed....OMG. Along with traffic lights come traffic congestion I guess. So the only logical thing to do is to install a web cam so people can monitor said traffic prior to their journey.

I told Phil he should go and stand on the street at 10am 13 June and Petal and I would log on and wave back to him. I didn't think he would do it!!! 8am suited everyone better though.....and at a frosty 5 degress....BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!



It has begun...thanks to Marshmallow! Last week I realised that the corner cupboard in the kitchen is frustrating...so why on earth do I have the items that we use every single day in there...?? The kitchen is a lot more organised now and there is less clutter....