First Council Contact

UPDATE - Yes the water is safe. Apparently the dam where we get our water from is empty so we are now obtaining it from other supply which has a high level of iron - which results in the brown tinge - great for when washing whites!!

Is the water safe? I called the Council today but apparently the person with the technical answer and hopefully a solution to the brown tinge problem is away today and will call on Monday.



Our container arrived first thing Monday morning. Fortunately every house in this area has side gates so the driver was able to drop the container by the side of the house. This made unpacking that much easier. The deal is they pack it and we unpack it. We were assured that the trolley would be with the container when it arrived so we would be able to unpack the heavy items. Said trolley was not present - I can't talk about it.

Dungurra Place, Bushland Beach.

We are about a 15 minute walk to the Beach so we get a good breeze. Notice the water running down the driveway? Thats our 'irrigation system'. I can't talk about it. We will be turning it off.

Things I have learnt so far:

My local butcher moved here from Bald Hills in April
The flies are big
Sunday trading just commenced this past Sunday (11am - 4pm, how cute)
The water is a bit umm - well, we're not sure if its safe to drink yet!
The intersections are really big
Green arrows stay on a lot longer
They REALLY REALLY like the Cowboys
No one else has Lions number plates


The drive

We left Brisbane just before 7am on Saturday morning and arrived at Mackay just on 5:30pm with 1 petrol stop and 2 food stops. We wanted out of Mackay pretty much straight away so we left early the next morning.

The drive from Brisbane to Townsville is so boring!! There is nothing to look at, aside from dead trees, road kill and road signs. We actually looked forward to the cane farms because it was nice to see something different and green! Justin did most of the driving so I had to put my co-pilot skills to use and come up with the conversation. Thats a lot of talking with not much material, which is why I mention road signs, did you know that there are different types of pictures of trains on road signs? Passanger trains and cane trains (some of the cane ones have different numbers of wheels also) and they sometimes face different directions. I also put it to Justin if he thought that maybe some artist has the train pictures as a career achievement. He thinks not and that its just clip art.

The other road signs I am contstantly looking out for are the winding roads and steep decents. I am not a good passanger when I see these, fortunately for Justin the short 10km strip where these signs appeared, I was driving, phew!

I took this photo for a reminder for Justin, he really dislikes Rocky as its the only Town where there is no bypass Road. He really needs to let it go.

What can be said about a big mango?

Thats a whole lot of Beast for one small truck! At least they seemed to be friends or they were just having a face off!

Yay - we made it!!

We stayed in a hotel on the Sunday night as our 'life' wasn't arriving till the next day. We decided to hit the hot spot, the only spot I suppose - THE STRAND! I saw my first celebrity - Wal from The Biggest Loser in his fireman uniform pushing the calendars.

Bye Bye Brisbane

Our life was packed into the container within 1.5 hours and off it went to the train station.....