Yoghurt 1, 2, 3!!

1 - Check the spoon skills...

2 - Over using the spoon now guys...

3 - Must get the last of it and make a mess...



So we headed off on our Babymoon = last weekend away as a family of 3!

We went to Sea World and had a massive weekend.

First thing to do was get Cookie Monster...a must when you have the hat!

Cookie Monster did not leave the boys hands for the entire weekend!
Its actually a little back pack and surprisingly enough he loved having it on his back.
We got so many comments on how cute he looked....awwwwwww!

Who needs the actual sharks when you have rocks and water.

Oh and a ledge to get you a little closer to the water...

We did make it to the penguins though and Aidan loved them!

And not just because there was a headless one!

And the polar bear, he was pretty awesome too and we actually saw him playing and eating.

Aidan isn't really into rides....well he wasn't the last time we went but we thought we would try the Trucks this time as he is obsessed!

We were first in line and waited patiently for the ride to open.
As soon as I saw the operator I got a feeling.

Lets just say thank goodness she wasn't operating the roller coaster and words were exchanged.
Poor Aidan fell asleep while we were waiting.....

Aidan and Justin went on the sky rail.
Just because I didn't realise it was Justin waving to me without using the zoom on the camera doesn't mean anything.
I waved back eventually :)

After a big day a buffet dinner was in order....and this is my before dinner pic ;)

I love this photo, he looks so different.

A big day and a big dinner = Justin is ready for bed!

Aidan was more taken with looking for helicopters then big bird.

We, along with Cookie Monster were going to go swimming but it was sooo cold with all the wind....brrrrrrr!