Swimming Lessons

The kids have started swimming lessons, time to start something.  We told them it was this or tennis and they are quite enjoying them and are doing really well!  Addison loves their teacher Stacey and made her a Christmas card.


Going into 2019 like....

So that goal of more family photos for 2019......

Good bye 2018, hello 2019!

Justin was working on New Year's Eve and we are always asleep before he comes home.  As the kids are getting older they know people stay awake to see the new year in....so why not!  We had glow sticks, party poppers and sparklers.  We made it to 10:30pm and because Justin finished on time we were awake when he came home!

We decided to escape the heat and head to the Art Gallery.  The kids had fun but couldn't understand how some of the art is classified as art.  If Aidan owned the gallery he wouldn't "approve half the crap" they have there. HAHAHA 


Introducing Daisy Do Jet

The one and only Daisy Do Jet.  We have no idea how Addison came up with this name but its so her and so him.  Now if only we had $1 for every time he was called a girl!!!
Daisy is one tiny ball of anxiety but it seems that its just the mini foxie temperament.  Addison loves him to bits and often calls him her little brother. 



Last day of school 2018

Party time!!

The last day of grade 3 for Aidan and the last day of grade one for Addison.

What a year, Aidan's amazing teacher had to leave after semester 1 and Addison having job share teachers and one being....not so amazing.  All things aside both have done really well this year and have improved in their subjects....well done kiddies!!


Its begining to look a lot like Christmas

We had a big weekend of Christmas activities.

First up was decorating ginger bread men and ginger unicorns. You can see the medical influence with the use of syringes for piping the icing! The kids really enjoyed this so the kits were a great Kmart buy. We went to go and get more however all sold out which was a bugger. Surprisingly Aidan had fun also, its hard to find crafty things that he likes these days.

So we usually go and look at Christmas lights in our local area but its kind of seen them once, twice, start to get over them.  So we decided to go to Roma St Parklands to see the Enchanted Garden lights.  They get good reviews....or maybe no one tells the truth.  Waste of a night to be honest.  There were loads of people and was nothing like the promotional images.  Addison loves all things Christmas so when she was asking to go home you know its a flop.

We did get a family photo though.  After going through my photos our goal for 2019 is to get more family pics.

And most importantly, a visit to Santa! The kids were put on the spot when asked what they wanted and what their back up options were.  Just one thing here thanks Santa!!
A silly photo and our first family Santa photo!!


Introducing Cleo

Cleo is literally the most frustrating cat ever!!  Don't let her pretty looks fool you.  She only has eyes for one Aidan Martin and no doubt there will be a post featuring the pair of them together soon.  I am good enough for her when I have human tuna, but any other time, nope!
We got Cleo in May 2017...funny story...we thought Narla was gone for good so bit the bullet and got another cat.  That night, Narla came home....typical cat!!!

Introducing Narla

So the side photos on the right clearly need updating but given the fact that those pets have passed on and I never wrote about that I am going to leave them there as a tribute because of how much we love our fur babies and our new pets will get this own post.  
Do I update the human photos or not? 

Narla is our oldest of our current beasts and has your typical cat personality.  She is 5 and lives in the world of Narla.  These days we only see her about once a week which is a shame.  We think she has found a new house and probably enjoys a quieter life with no other animals or children.