Test test test


Yoghurt 1, 2, 3!!

1 - Check the spoon skills...

2 - Over using the spoon now guys...

3 - Must get the last of it and make a mess...



So we headed off on our Babymoon = last weekend away as a family of 3!

We went to Sea World and had a massive weekend.

First thing to do was get Cookie Monster...a must when you have the hat!

Cookie Monster did not leave the boys hands for the entire weekend!
Its actually a little back pack and surprisingly enough he loved having it on his back.
We got so many comments on how cute he looked....awwwwwww!

Who needs the actual sharks when you have rocks and water.

Oh and a ledge to get you a little closer to the water...

We did make it to the penguins though and Aidan loved them!

And not just because there was a headless one!

And the polar bear, he was pretty awesome too and we actually saw him playing and eating.

Aidan isn't really into rides....well he wasn't the last time we went but we thought we would try the Trucks this time as he is obsessed!

We were first in line and waited patiently for the ride to open.
As soon as I saw the operator I got a feeling.

Lets just say thank goodness she wasn't operating the roller coaster and words were exchanged.
Poor Aidan fell asleep while we were waiting.....

Aidan and Justin went on the sky rail.
Just because I didn't realise it was Justin waving to me without using the zoom on the camera doesn't mean anything.
I waved back eventually :)

After a big day a buffet dinner was in order....and this is my before dinner pic ;)

I love this photo, he looks so different.

A big day and a big dinner = Justin is ready for bed!

Aidan was more taken with looking for helicopters then big bird.

We, along with Cookie Monster were going to go swimming but it was sooo cold with all the wind....brrrrrrr!



Petal and I took Aidan and Georgia to Lollypops the other weekend.

The first play centre I went to was when G visited us in Townsville.
The centre was great as it was brand new.

The one we went to just recently was the second one we have been to in Brisbane.
They don't measure up to the Townsville one.
The word I would use to describe them - 'dirty'.

But the kids had fun and that is what matters right?


Roma Street Parklands

On a Saturday or Sunday morning we usually hit up Southbank but we changed things up and went to the Roma Street Parklands.

I have been to the Parklands once before we left Brisbane so maybe 5 years go and I don't remember them being like this!

Aidan had a blast!
Mainly throwing rocks into the water.

As you all know I fear birds....
Lets now add giant woman eating lizards to the list!
Aidan wasn't worried, I guess they don't eat little boys!

As we were walking along the paths through the gardens every time I heard the leaves move I would jump. J it's not funny :(

The gardens were pretty awesome, despite the animals and J was in his element!

J cooked breakfast while I chased after Aidan.
He can't stay in one spot for too long and with the parklands being so hilly...I was one tired Mum Mum.....


Summer Hair Cuts + Yum Yum!

Its been a while since Aka has had a winter coat and now that it heating up...
Time for a buzz cut!
His body looks so tiny.

And Aidan was well over due for a hair cut also.
He has been sporting some serious bed hair in the mornings!

Bed hair be gone!

Its been a while!
A friend has work has mentioned Milo a few times lately....
I wouldn't say I was craving it but I had to get some.
Old time childhood favourite that's for sure!


Catch up!

Hand, foot and mouth, sandpaper eye and chest infection over and down with I can update the blog!

We celebrated Father's Day with a BBQ breakfast at Southbank and then went to the Baby and Toddler Expo at the Convention Centre.

Aidan made this for Dad Dad at school.

J ready for a big day out.

We wanted Aidan to walk around at the expo however he had other ideas when he remembered we had his trike!
Thankfully it wasn't very busy and people thought he was cute so he got away with it.

Aidan was in heaven playing with all the toys!

After a big morning there was only one thing to do on the way home...zzz...

Funny that the 'New Mother' Bounty bag comes with condoms...a little too late me thinks!!

This past weekend I caught up with my friend Raw for high tea.
We went to the Forget Me Not Tea Room at Graceville.
It wasn't spectacular.
One wet chair and one ick pastry thing...it was just OK.

Here are some comparison pregnancy pics.

29 weeks with firecracker number 2.

30 weeks with Aidan.

I think I look bigger with Aidan.
Or is it the bare skin?


Weekend Rain...Joy!

Its no secret, the weather this past weekend was shitty - this makes for interesting times with Aidan!

J was away Saturday night getting his run back on - first event back in the game was the Tomewin 1/2 Marathon at Currumbin which is code for HILLS, HILLS and more HILLS.

I missed being the cheer squad but hey things are different now!

Saturday morning we went to the 'Mum's Big Day Out' Baby and Kids Market at the RNA.

This is a great place for getting some super cheap second hand toys!
The pick of the day was a $2 Thomas the Tank Engine.

Saturday afternoon we went to Ikea.....
Never again....I thought by going late in the afternoon we would be fine.

Hell No!

The car park was crazy and inside...too many people for me.
Scratch that one off the Things to do in shitty weather list!

Sunday Aidan was itching to go outside.
One word - MUD!

He was happily playing with his cars in the mud, that is until I put some washing on the line....

Grubby hands in the air we decide to run through the towels!

Our house guest for the weekend - Petal found this totally hilarious...

I am taking up the towels and then all of a sudden he starts throwing the mud at the sheets...OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not my child!!!

A bath and one awesome nappy change

And I am driven to this...

On a brighter note I made a kick ass fried rice!

If you like local Markets, head to the Valley Laneway Markets this weekend (Winn Street - 9am-3pm) and check out Vintage Grace.