Saturday night in TSV

So Saturday night we decided to hit the town....umm what Town?

The Drag Races - the hip and happening thing to do in Townsville.

We decided it was probably not a good idea to take my car as it might not come home with my number plates. After a few wardrobe changes (we wanted to blend in and my pink shirt was too pink and Justin's shirt just wasn't right - note to everyone - NRL, Car or alcohol shirts are OK). I had read on the website that the spectator price was $10. When we get there we learn it was actually $25 at it was a street meet and they had over 90 racers.....woah, we are going to be in for a great night! We talked ourselves in for $15 each as we had no other money.

Justin enjoyed watching the motorbikes and well I just enjoyed the people watching.....a different breed they are hey?

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Nyron said...

Is the smoke Justin going off his bike ?