Justin took part in Movember and was in a QLD Health team called Hairy-Carditis (ICTAI). They were a pretty slack team and didn't even register on the website, however they raised about $500 and scored a feature in the QLD Health News Letter. Justin had the lead role in the photo (and didn't we get a big head!).

On the last day we went to a Movember party in the City which was fun, they had lots of prizes for 'Slow Mo', 'Man of Movember' (J should have got this but they gave it to the event organiser - talk about rigged) and 'Mo Sister' (this went to the event organisers wife - ICTAI!!!!).

The start


Scrubs McMartin

I am so glad Movember is over!!

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Raq said...

Surely that much facial hair has to be a health hazard. No wonder healthcare is in the state it is. I sincerely hope he removed it as soon as the party was over - it is NOT a good look.