City in a garden

We spent the weekend in Cairns, also known as City in a garden. Whatever.

We had a great view from the hotel room:

J being weird in the hotel gardens:

We spent Saturday afternoon walking along the esplanade, and deciding on which boat to purchase - this one is the winner:

The rest of the afternoon we walked around the markets (doesn't really seem to matter where you go these days the markets all have the same crap errr products). It was also the Cairns festival so they had a stage set up with live music which was nice, until the heavy metal band hit the stage!

Sunday we we enjoyed a buffet breakfast (YUM!) and then to my delight one of my all time favorite shows was on:

Cairns trends are very different to anywhere else - in the first few hours of being there we saw lots of moe hawks , girls wearing cowboy boots and scarfs (hello people its the tropics!!). Interesting.

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