Spetta Pie

MC requested my spinach and fetta pie recipe and given the fact that I haven't posted food photos for a while ...here we are. Oh and this was stolen from my sister. I have adapted it to suit the lazy cook.

I use:
8 eggs
300g reduced fat fetta
2 sheets puff pasty
finely chopped spinach (too lazy to use fresh)

Thaw out the spinach and remove excess water
Finely chop the fetta
Whisk the eggs

Combine whisked eggs, fetta and spinach.

When I first started making this I would roll out the pastry...that became way too messy and the flour was a bugger to clean up. So I now hold up the pastry in one hand and sort of 'stretch ' it out so that it covers the dish.

Once this is done pour in the combined ingredients.


I usually put it in the over for around 40 minutes on 180-200 or until I think it looks good.

And dont forget to put my initials in pastry on top if you make this...and they are KM :)


Raquel said...

I'll try this next week (although can't promise the initials - sounds like way too much hassle. But I'll think of you). Can't wait to try the "I kind of hold it in one hand and stretch it" instruction...

Nikki said...

MC - this is my recipe not Kimberley's by the way, the nerve that she would call it her own...

Anonymous said...

I'm trying this out tonight, i won't be putting those initials as my husband might think it was an invite to something else! How rude!!!!