Dorothy the Dinosaur - Romp-Bomp-A-Chomp!

If I didn't listen to ABC radio we would have missed out!!!

Getting his wiggle on!

The show was at Riverway. We have never been to the performance centre, so it was nice to see what that was like.
This is the main pool and our view as we lined up.

Aidan was clearly a little unsure about what was going on!

The star herself!


Dorothy and the fairies

I really wished I could have taken some better photos of him during the performance.
He was in awe and a bit stunned.
We were in the second row so he could see everything clearly.

Just a little something to get through the rest of the show!

Go Captain Feather Sword!

Henry and John the Cook.

Happy Boy!

He was such a trooper!
We were in our seats at about 12:15pm ready for a 12:30pm start. I thought they would start on time given its a kids performance.
9 minutes late...not huge but for a lot of kids in one place thats a LONG time.
He had a great time and watched the entire show, no tears or crankyness which I was very impressed with as he has just cut a new tooth.
Go Bubba Boy!! xx.

Yes Daddy, we had to buy something ;)


Raquel said...

I LOVE the third photo in the series (just before the bottle one). Although, he looks remarkably like Diego when he sees a baby bird just ready for the tormenting...

Anyway, you're a brave soul, and have my enduring respect :)

Rosie said...

We were at Dorothy too! I reckon 40 minutes would have done it - 1 hour was just a tad too long for little munchkins like ours!! (and it was definitely 55 mins too long for mummy). Glad to see you guys had fun - great pics!

Bethany Zinka said...

Hi Dorothy

Bethany Zinka said...

Hi Dorothy