37 - The Man Child

I picked J up from the airport last night and we intended to have takeaway down by the strand for dinner. Someone else wasn't too keen on that idea, the Little Man only had one sleep so had his cranky pants on so we came home instead. Next time.

Here is J in his getup for a dinner he had while away...spunky. I only just noticed the painting on the wall.

Over the weekend I was looking through our photos and came across this one and thought it was worth posting. One of our many hospital trips. When he phoned to tell me about coming off the bike he assured me he was ok because there was no blood. Uh huh.

What I learnt while J was away

*Anything can be done one handed.
*Getting sprayed with pee when changing nappies really is an experience - normally J is the one to cop the spray! The funniest thing is I notice Aidan smiling before I see and feel the wee...humbug!
*I am sure I paced at least a marathon
*How to be more organised. I always thought I was but this week proved my skills needed brushing up when its just me
*I can still shower and wash my hair and feel human
*Its ok to let the Little Man cry, even if it does break my heart
*The animals still got their fair share of attention - I only nearly forgot to feed Pari once
*I can still cook and bake
*Getting out of the house is important, really important.
*I was awesome when we got our needles, Aidan was too I suppose.
*The biggest thing, I like driving again, thanks Suby. Its been nearly 2 years since the accident so to be to get in the car and enjoy the drive.....nice.

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