38 - 9 Weeks

The Little Man is 9 weeks today - how time flies!
[when your tired]

This is one of the few pictures we have of him wearing a 'hat'. Clearly he wasn't a fan, but he was so tiny back then.

One of his tiny tiny suits, was he really that small?
Look at those chubba cheeks.

This is just before Aidan's first outing with shoes on. Dunlop Volleys care of uncle Phil (Phil who has worn Volleys for as long as anyone can remember!)
Quote from Phil" "remember a pair of volleys is a pair of shoes for life!!!!"

And another Awwwwwwwwww!

So what has changed in 9 weeks??

*He is a lot more alert, when the little peepers are open, they are OPEN!
*His eyes are starting to change shape and are becoming a lot more rounded.
*TMI but his no 2's are turning into explosive no 3's
*He has better sleep patterns and is moving into the cot for day time sleeps. We like this. However the CD that we use for day time sleeps is becoming very old very quickly! Its Christmas Carols...it does the trick tho!
*Every now and then his cry has a super high pitch squeal - not cool.
*He loves his baths
*When feeding his arm has gone from a clenched fist that you couldn't open to a windscreen wiper that goes over my chest, very funny!
*Still getting used to the pram


Elise said...

great 9 week report! nice to get an update on little aidan. love the shoes too!

Diamonds said...
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diamondsinchampagne said...

I am a voguette, and just saw the link to your blog. Your baby boy is too gorgeous, and so very fashionable already!

Ms Curious said...

Aidan is a gorgeous little boy!

The "No 3 phase" will pass, persevere!

And how good do you look! Very impressed.

Robyn said...

Saw your blog on the vogue forum (I'm Genes and Tea :)) your little guy is just adorable! Loving the Volleys as well...most comfy shoes ever!