30 - Day 1!

Day one of no J! He is away for work and will be for 7 days. Lets see how Aidan and I handle things...well how I handle him, plus the animals!

We dropped J at the airport at 5:30am. J drove there in the 'big car' and I drove home. My first time driving it...lets just say my baby car will get a rest this week. I am in love Subaru! :) The only issue that may arise is parking. Drive through parks please.

Aidan and I had a pretty chilled day catching up on TV and playing. Even though J isn't here we still continued with the night time routine which starts off with a walk in the afternoon. We took out Phil & Ted for something different. Aidan is still getting used to the pram, the trick is to have a big feed before we go to avoid 45 mins of crying. A neighbour commented that 'he's not crying today'. Thanks, I hadn't noticed!

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Raquel said...

Who, or what, are Phil and Ted?