30 Day 2 - Supermum!

I felt like superwoman today! First of all we headed out to Target. I think Target is on the list of 'to do's' for new Mum's - its up there with Medicare. Then it was to the Chemist to get some infant Penadol, best to have some just in case. Then it was grocery shopping...ahhh.

Aidan was still asleep after all that so I made a stir fry with my favourite noodles:

The little man was still sleeping so I thought I should have some Pari time. Since Aidan came along Pari isn't allowed in the house during the day. He felt pretty special and fell asleep on my hand, not bad for a cat that needs no one. Then he remembered there is a pantry that has treats....

I had time to flip through a magazine and came across this, made me laugh given that I express and also that at my work there were signs up on the fridge asking people to not touch milk that doesn't belong to them!

This shows why J is that man behind our couple shots....good work Mummy!

I also managed to walk the dog and wash and dry my hair...what a day....!

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