36 - Valentines and Birthdays!

Valentines Day is when we celebrate Aka and Pari's Birthdays. We don't know their exact date of births but Pari was a Valentines present and we got Aka in April so counting back the weeks he would have been born in February. Aka is 6 and Pari is 5 - I can't talk about it! It doesn't feel like we have had them that long. J says that Pari will be our only cat but we think out of spite he will live forever!


J comes home tonight so I made him some brownies. The recipe is from our friend Josie. They aren't as good as yours Josie but I have to start somewhere!


onika said...

yum!! what recipe did you use?
i am so terrible at brownies, they always end up cakey and flat!! so sad... your puppy is so cute. love the blog! congrats on the bub!

Kimberley said...

This is the recipe I used:

1 Cup of Self Raising Flour,
½ Cup of Desiccated Coconut
½ Cup Brown Sugar
1 can of Condensed Milk
125g Melted Butter
2 table spoons of Cocoa

Mix all these ingredients together with a spoon (looks like a thick paste)

Place into tray

Add as many choc chips as you like - this goes on top of the mixture before it goes in the oven.

Set oven at 160 degrees fan forced and cook for 25-30 minutes

Kimberley said...

P.S Thanks for reading :)