Catch up!

Hand, foot and mouth, sandpaper eye and chest infection over and down with I can update the blog!

We celebrated Father's Day with a BBQ breakfast at Southbank and then went to the Baby and Toddler Expo at the Convention Centre.

Aidan made this for Dad Dad at school.

J ready for a big day out.

We wanted Aidan to walk around at the expo however he had other ideas when he remembered we had his trike!
Thankfully it wasn't very busy and people thought he was cute so he got away with it.

Aidan was in heaven playing with all the toys!

After a big morning there was only one thing to do on the way home...zzz...

Funny that the 'New Mother' Bounty bag comes with condoms...a little too late me thinks!!

This past weekend I caught up with my friend Raw for high tea.
We went to the Forget Me Not Tea Room at Graceville.
It wasn't spectacular.
One wet chair and one ick pastry thing...it was just OK.

Here are some comparison pregnancy pics.

29 weeks with firecracker number 2.

30 weeks with Aidan.

I think I look bigger with Aidan.
Or is it the bare skin?

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Raw said...

I think you look bigger with Aidan, too, but give #2 a chance! There could be a late run to the finish line... Bahahaa at the condoms.