Weekend Rain...Joy!

Its no secret, the weather this past weekend was shitty - this makes for interesting times with Aidan!

J was away Saturday night getting his run back on - first event back in the game was the Tomewin 1/2 Marathon at Currumbin which is code for HILLS, HILLS and more HILLS.

I missed being the cheer squad but hey things are different now!

Saturday morning we went to the 'Mum's Big Day Out' Baby and Kids Market at the RNA.

This is a great place for getting some super cheap second hand toys!
The pick of the day was a $2 Thomas the Tank Engine.

Saturday afternoon we went to Ikea.....
Never again....I thought by going late in the afternoon we would be fine.

Hell No!

The car park was crazy and inside...too many people for me.
Scratch that one off the Things to do in shitty weather list!

Sunday Aidan was itching to go outside.
One word - MUD!

He was happily playing with his cars in the mud, that is until I put some washing on the line....

Grubby hands in the air we decide to run through the towels!

Our house guest for the weekend - Petal found this totally hilarious...

I am taking up the towels and then all of a sudden he starts throwing the mud at the sheets...OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not my child!!!

A bath and one awesome nappy change

And I am driven to this...

On a brighter note I made a kick ass fried rice!

If you like local Markets, head to the Valley Laneway Markets this weekend (Winn Street - 9am-3pm) and check out Vintage Grace.

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