Roma Street Parklands

On a Saturday or Sunday morning we usually hit up Southbank but we changed things up and went to the Roma Street Parklands.

I have been to the Parklands once before we left Brisbane so maybe 5 years go and I don't remember them being like this!

Aidan had a blast!
Mainly throwing rocks into the water.

As you all know I fear birds....
Lets now add giant woman eating lizards to the list!
Aidan wasn't worried, I guess they don't eat little boys!

As we were walking along the paths through the gardens every time I heard the leaves move I would jump. J it's not funny :(

The gardens were pretty awesome, despite the animals and J was in his element!

J cooked breakfast while I chased after Aidan.
He can't stay in one spot for too long and with the parklands being so hilly...I was one tired Mum Mum.....

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Raw said...

Love the shots of A disappearing into the distance...