We had our first swimming lesson yesterday.

Aidan loves to splash A LOT so he should be fine right?


Before the class started in was in shallow water with J having a ball.

Class starts and so to do the tears.

When it was time for the kick boards he cheered up and he was clinging on tight and did not want to let go!

He can only get better right??

Next weeks goal = no tears.

The classes are at Runcorn pool which is only a few years old. Its a small pool but the complex is nice. The pool where the lessons are is totally undercover which is great.

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Raquel said...

Oh man. I really want to get Blakey started on swimming lessons, but he's nearly four...so I can imagine the resistance factor could be a lot higher.

Nice to see some new posts (yeah, yeah, I know, I can talk!)