A Cat 5 type of send off...

Oh thats right...I have a blog.
Between cyclones and moving its hard to keep up!

The cyclone seems like a lifetime ago now but I must blog about it as it was the last bit of excitement in our Townsville adventure.

We secured the house (and of course the garden! oh and the animals to, they had to stay at home) and got the hell out of there!

Thanks to Michelle and Mark (Emma's Mum & Dad FYI!) who took us in.

I can't remember when I took these two pictures and they dont really show too much.

To be honest I was in a bit of shock and hardly took any!

On the drive home and when we did a little sight seeing (tsk tsk) I didn't even get the camera out.

The house, animals and garden were fine.
We did go without power for a few days....boy we take that for granted!!

This is one experience I never want to go through again.

I must say it was a little exciting (for lack of a better word) going through this with Michelle who is a BOM fanatic and was 36 weeks pregnant at the time!!

And on that note we say good bye Townsville!

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