Sunday Fun!

The wet weather has been driving me up the wall and Aidan has hardly had any outside time.
I was hoping for a nice sunny day as we were off to the Markets and to Cyclone Sunday.

Too many clouds and no sun....grrr!

After the markets we went and had a coffee....
and Ahem, yes Aidan had his first babycino!
(Yes Daddy, you read that right ;)

Not happy...I want more!!
After the markets we went to the strand and the clouds were getting worse and the wind was picking up.

I was so hopeful!

I really wanted to stay at the strand longer because only my favourite radio station in the world were broadcasting there from 10am.

Aidan was getting antsy just sitting in the pram and he couldn't go down on the ground for a crawl because it was wet.

He had fun looking around and he got a balloon!
This is a big step for me...kids and balloons are a huge FEAR...

Loaded up with all of his goodies :)

A big day out and ready for bed.

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