Beached whale found at Bushland

August 13th, 2009

VIDEO: A BEACHED whale, found dead this morning at Bushland Beach, is being towed out to sea by government officials.

A large group of sharks were attacking the dead mammal, which was about seven metres long.

State Government officials launched a boat to examine the humpback whale, with the Department of Environment and Resource Management towing the whale offshore so it could decay naturally this afternoon.

Word of the whale spread quickly this morning, with a crowd of onlookers flocking to the beach to catch a glimpse of the rare sight.

Among the binocular-bearing crowd were New South Wales tourists Sheffie and Maureen Mohammed.

Ms Mohammed said the couple heard about the whale on the radio and wanted to see it for themselves.

``Living in a town like Casino, we don't see things like this every day,'' she said.

The mammal was located about 1km offshore, just south of the Bushland Beach pub, and was discovered by locals at low tide.

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