We thought we should take some time out before bubs arrives and so we headed to Cairns. We headed off pretty early and arrived for a nice breakfast at the Botanic Gardens Cafe. J went all out and ordered the 'Bowl of Coffee' and then had the hide scoop off the top of my little coffee...grrr!!

We walked around the gardens to get some ideas for our garden. I had to take a photo of these penis like plants hahaha...I am very immature :)

Ginger plents were a plenty.

J chilling out in the spa at the Hilton.

On the balcony of our room.

These just found their way into our bag....will be perfect for my hospital stay :)

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Raquel said...

How is your child ever going to cope when you giggle like a small child at the shape of plants, and both of you have kleptomania (J steals froth, you steal toiletries). He doesn't have a chance. :(