13 9 12 2009

I was running out of time and energy to take a photo today so I headed outside to spend some time with the animals....normally any photos of them turn out pretty bad, they HATE the camera. Today they were good sports...awwwww.

He is a cranky looking cat sometimes!

The Little Miss is sad that J is away. She has become attached to him lately which is odd, she is the naughty child and is shit scared when he uses his naughty voice with her....I think she is trying to make up for the last 10 years....I call her J's girlfriend, pity her being stuck here with the pregnant wife and no J to rescue her... :)

He loves the hose, I got some really good close up photos of him but I really like these action ones....now I have to deal with the wet dog smell....dirty!!

Cranky old Paz again...

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