Its been a long time between posts, with Christmas and the New Year and now being back at work we have been rather busy. So busy in fact we have done nothing of particular importance and well, it feels pretty good.

The Christmas weather wasn't too bad, Christmas day was sunny and hot and then for the remainder of the holiday period it pretty much rained. One night night it was quite cool, the doona may have even made an appearance.

Aka had a great time and enjoyed the company of Issy....

Pari, well he wasn't impressed with our Christmas tree...or perhaps it had something to do with the raindeer costume?

We also become that little bit more domesticated...mowing is not fun.

Our New Year was as always low key, kiddie fire works on tv and then in bed by 10pm - perfect!!!

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Leu said...

You realise that Justin and a lawnmower is just an accident waiting to happen...He's about due for another one, isn't he?