I went to Cairns for work on Wednesday and stayed till Saturday. I was quite excited to be going away for work, all of the administration staff in my department [from Mackay to Torres Straight) were going to Carins for training and a development day. I went a few days earlier to spend time in the Carins office.

For BCC, this would be the equivilant of regional staff going to the City office - could you imagine Council flying admin staff in?

Wednesday morning I got to the airport on time for check in and when I got my boarding pass I was happy with my seat, 7D. If you remember back to my car trip you can probably guess I am not a lover of flying so I was glad to be at the front of the plane.

We board the plane. I can't talk about it!

We walk onto the tarmac, there is no big flight of stairs on the back of a truck, only 3 stairs that double as the door when closed - Are you kidding me? And 7D is not at the front, its the second last row!!!

Not sure if you can see the plane in the photo amongst the cars!!

This is where I stayed:

I didn't get much time to really explore, Saturday morning I went for a walk along the Esplanade, which would sort of be the equivilant to South Bank. This isn't a great photo but the grass was so green and lush!

With my new interest in signs I found some good ones...now keep in mind I am in the City!

The work do was good and DART now has a new meaning for me - Dengue Action Response Team.

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